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Warning regarding the company « SELLA CONSULT SIM S.p.a. »

The CCAF warns the public about the activities of the company : “Sella Consult Sim S.p.a.”

This company, which wrongly pretends to be established in Monaco, offers, particularly by the means of a web site, personal assets management services.

The CCAF points out that “Sella Consult Sim S.p.a.” has not received an approval either by the CCAF itself or by the Government. Therefore, it has no authorization to provide investment services or financial advice on the territory of the Principality of Monaco and is not entitled to do either banking or financial cold calling, or door-to-door selling or anything of the kind to receive funds. As a result, the CCAF urges investors to take no action concerning any offer from this society, and refrain from passing them on to a third party on any account.

Besides, Sella Bank adds that “Sella Consult Sim S.p.a.” has never been affiliated to the Banca Sella group.

Only approved companies appearing on the CCAF website are authorized to operate financial activities in the Principality of Monaco. You must always check whether the company or the person offering or giving investment advice appears on the list of the approved companies published on the website ccaf@gouv.mc or not.

Unauthorized middlemen expose themselves to penalties.