Warnings & News


A company called "SC Finances", has published an advertising on the inside front cover of a Monegasque weekly newspaper, on the 29th November 2012.

The CCAF warns the public about the company "SC Finances"

This advertising presents a “Produit n° 77” offering a rate of 7% a year with a protected principal, specifies that the "SC finances" company has never suffered losses since 1984 and has an approval from the French Authority of Financial Markets (AMF) as well as located offices 13 boulevard Guynemer, 06240 Beausoleil, in France.

The CCAF wished to indicate that this company has received neither approval from the French AMF, nor authorization to provide investment services or financial advices on the territory of the Principality of Monaco and is not entitled to be engaged in direct selling in the banking and finance sector or in receiving funds.

The CCAF therefore urges investors not to respond to the company’s offers and to refrain from passing them on to third parties in any form.

As a rule, you always have to check if a company proposing or advising financial investments is listed as an accredited company or establishment authorized to practice in the Principality of Monaco.

Unauthorised intermediaries are liable for criminal penalties.