International Action

International co-operation

The Commission de Contrôle des Activités Financières concludes bilateral co-operation agreements (MoU) with its foreign counterparts. Such agreements enable information exchange which facilitates the regulation of financial activities and markets. This type of agreement is signed on a reciprocal basis. Under its terms the foreign authority is bound by professional secrecy offering the same level of guarantees as in the Principality, secondly, the information is only used for the purposes for which it has been disclosed.

Since January 2011, seven agreements were in place, with regulators in the following countries :

  • France (2002 and 2010);
  • Italy (2003);
  • Luxembourg (2004);
  • Belgium (2005);
  • Germany (2009);
  • Netherlands (2011).

Participation in international regulatory organisations

The Commission is a member of the Institut Francophone de la Régulation Financière (IFREFI). Created in 2002 its mission is to reinforce collaboration and exchanges between members on financial regulations issues. Its membership boasts more than 30 nations, the institute meets every year.