Presided by Mr Gérard RAMEIX, the Commission de Contrôle des Activités Financières has 9 members :

  • 7 members, including the President, selected for their expertise, appointed by sovereign order for a 5-year term (renewable) ;
  • the President of the Association Monégasque des Activités Financières ;
  • the President of the Ordre des Experts Comptables.

A magistrate plus a Government Commissioner attend Commission meeting in a non-voting capacity.


Mr Gérard RAMEIX President
Mr Jean-François CULLIEYRIER Vice-President
Mr Etienne FRANZI or his representative Member, in his capacity of Chairman, AMAF
Mr Stephane GARINO or his representative Member, in his capacity of Chairman, Ordre des Experts Comptables
Mr Herve DALLERAC Member
Mr Bruno GIZARD Member
Mr Paul-Marie JACQUES Member
Mr Jean-Pierre MICHAU Member
Mr Jean-Pierre PINATTON Member
Public Prosecutor Observer
Government Commissioner Observer

General Secretariat

Ms Magali VERCESI Secretary General
Mr Alexandre VARENNE Head of Inspection
Ms Anouk BERTI Inspector
Mr Rémi MATHIS Inspector
Mr Frédéric CHARTIER Legal Officer
Ms Véronique MASSEAU Director, mutual fund institutions
Ms Anne ROSSLER Assistant
Mr Jean-Charles ALBANO Studies and statistics service
Secretariat Secretariat