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Warning concerning the entity "Capital Growth Fund"

The Commission de Contrôle des Activités Financières (CCAF) warns the public about the activities of an entity named "Capital Growth Fund".
This entity notably indicates on the website www.capital-growth-fund.com, that it offers financial services and has offices located in Monaco.
The CCAF informs the public that the entity "Capital Growth Fund" is unknown to it, is not supervised by the CCAF and is not authorized to provide financial services in or from Monaco.
Only approved companies appearing on the CCAF website are authorized to operate financial activities in the Principality of Monaco. You must always check if the entity offering or giving investment advice appears on the list of the approved companies published on the website www.ccaf.mc or not.
As a result, the CCAF strongly advises investors not to respond to the requests of this entity and not to relay them to third parties, in any form whatsoever.