Create a fund Monaco

Monaco fund may take the form of a mutual fund (FCP) or investment funds (IFs). A fund is subject to investment rules based on European standards but can also benefit from more flexible rules according to its target clientele. An investment fund offering, meanwhile, can benefit from sophisticated management strategies.
Monaco fund can be opened to the public or restricted to certain categories of people.

The fund is jointly established by a management company and a depositary, both established in the Principality. The request for approval comes as a minimum full prospectus of the funds (short form prospectus and settlement) and a joint statement of the management company and custodian (see Ministerial Order 2008-51). For investment funds, an investment program must also be provided (see Act 1339, Section 37)

The deadline for registration is three months for an open fund and 8 days for a segregated fund, after receiving a complete dossier.