Marketing of financial products in the principality of Monaco

Marketing of financial products can be achieved only by institutions duly licensed by the CCAF.

List of these institutions and the extent of their authorisation is available for download on this web site.

Direct marketing of financial products by non authorised companies in principality of Monaco  is fully prohibited.

Performing a financial activity in Monaco is subject to:
- an administrative autorisation delivered by the Government according to the provisions of the Law 1.144 of July 26th, 1991;
- a license delivered by the CCAF according to the provisions of the Law 1.338. of September 7th, 2007.

These laws can be downloaded on
Infringement of the provisions of the above mentioned laws is subject to administrative and/or criminal sanctions.
Before organising any meeting or road show concerning financial products, the organizers have to contact the General Secretary of  the Commission.